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As a partner, Blueprint will work with you to develop technology that turns your vision into a reality, completely free of charge.

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Our Services

Web Development

Web applications let your users access information from any browser. This might be better for applications that need to be publicly available or ones that help facilitate task management.

Mobile Development

Mobile applications let your users download an app and access it on their phone. This might be better for applications that need to be portable or accessed with no internet connection.

Nonprofit Application Process

Interest Form Open
June 20 - July 21
The first part of our application is an interest form where you will provide contact and basic information about your organization. If you have any questions or concerns about anything in this timeline, please email [email protected].
Informational Phone Call
June 20 - July 21
One of our Project Managers will reach out to you to schedule a 15 - 30 minute informational phone call that will help you get to know the work we do, and vice versa! We'll also be able to answer any questions you have about the application process. If you decide that you'd like to potentially work with us and we feel our services could fit your needs, we'll open up the second part of our application.
Written Application Due
July 21
The second part of our application helps us understand what you need from Blueprint. You'll have the opportunity to explain why our services could be helpful to your organization, identify any pain points within your current operations, and expand on what you'd like us to build for you. If your proposed project sounds like something we can build, we'll be in touch for a final interview.
Final Interviews
July 24 - August 4
The final interview will be with a handful of our Project Managers and Designers. Together, we'll dive into more detail about your proposed project, discuss how it could be designed to best fit your needs, and leave room for any remaining questions.
Decisions Released
August 7
We'll reach out and let you know whether your organization has been selected to work with Blueprint!
Project Scoping
August 7 - August 20
If selected, your organization will have the opportunity to work with us on a project over the course of the school year (August - May). Each Project Manager and Designer will choose an organization, and over the course of August, they will work with you to finalize the plans for your project.

Decision Criteria

We want to help as many organizations as we possibly can. Unfortunately, we cannot take every project because of the large amount of resources each one requires. These are the primary criteria we use to determine project fit.

Sample Application
  • Impact

    How much will your project impact the community?

  • Necessity

    How vital is your project to your non-profit organization?

  • Scope

    Is your project achievable within the alloted timeline?

  • Technical Fit

    Does your project use the capabilities of technology?

  • Credibility

    Is there evidence that your project will have an impact?

Working with Blueprint has been an incredible pleasure. We have used their application to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for Berkeley's teachers.
- Berkeley Public Schools Fund

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do project teams and nonprofits meet?

The client and the project manager meet on a weekly or biweekly basis to ensure the project’s progress. There are project scoping meetings with the project manager at the project start, a formal midpoint presentation, and a final presentation where the project is delivered.

What is the client-team interaction like?

The team works alongside the client's vision for the organization. We hope that our project has significant impact on the organization's efficiency and reach, so the alignment of goals is crucial. At our meetings, we discuss updates on project features, check the timeline, and have discussion on the progress of the project and the nonprofit itself.

How does Blueprint ensure success?

Our club recruits the brightest and most hard-working students at UC Berkeley, one of the best universities in computer science. Through effective leadership and frequent checkins with our clients we hope that the combination of talent, dedication, and care will result in a project that benefits your organization.

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