1951 Coffee Company

1951 Coffee is a non-profit coffee organization that provides job training and employment to refugees, asylums, and special immigrant visa holders in the Bay Area. Many newly resettled refugees struggle to attain living-wage jobs — 1951 Coffees hopes to provide opportunity amongst lacking resources and language barriers through its barista training program.

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1951 Coffee Company photo

The Problem

1951 Coffee runs two-week long training programs that teach students the essential skills to be successful in barista roles. During this program, individual texting makes up 80-90% of communications with trainees. 1951 Coffee is in need for a central, scaleable method for administrators to communicate with its trainees and graduates with limited technology experience.

The Solution

Blueprint developed a mobile communication platform to connect 1951 Coffee's staff and alumni. This mobile application features ways to display internal announcements, job postings, events, and resources — an essential tool for information and forming digital community.