For Students

Joining Blueprint is the perfect way to use your skills to give back to the community. We accept applications at the beginning of every semester.

Applications are officially closed for this semester. We will be recruiting again next semester. Sign up to be notified when apps are ready!

Developer Application Process

Come out and talk to us to learn more about Blueprint at our infosession.
Applications Due
Jan 31, 11:59 PM
The application includes 3 short response questions to help us understand your connection to Blueprint's mission. Decisions will be emailed after this round on Feb 2 by 10 PM. The application is due on January 31st at 11:59 PM.
Student applications will be open at the beginning of the semester. Follow our Facebook page to stay updated!
Build with Blueprint
Feb 3 - 7
A small exercise to give you a chance to showcase your technical resourcefulness and learning speed. It will be kicked off with an introductory workshop followed by a small project. Time and location will be emailed to invited candidates.
Meet the Club
Feb 5 - 6
Meet the Club is an event for you to get to know our membership in a casual setting! This event is by invitation only.
Blueprint Games
Feb 8
A fun, interactive teamwork session involving a series of challenges and puzzles that make you think critically. This round is by invitation only. Time and location will be emailed to invited candidates.

Designer Application Process

We are not accepting any designers this semester 😞
Check back next semester!

Decision Criteria

If we could, we would accept every applicant but unfortunately we cannot manage the volume of people and administrative overhead while still fulfilling our mission to the best of our abilities. The following criteria are what we use to evaluate applicants.

  • Passion

    Do you demonstrate a genuine passion for social good?

  • Growth

    Do you push yourself to grow in any setting? Do you seek out new ways to grow?

  • Resourceful

    Do you adapt and explore in order to overcome difficulties?

  • Attitude

    Do you demonstrate positive, hard-working attitude?

  • Teamwork

    Do you display the ability to work well in a team?

  • Culture

    Do you value empowering non-profits to achieve their missions through tech?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blueprint's project structure?

Blueprint's project structure consists of 4-5 project teams, each with a project leader, a designer, and 4 developers on the team. Each project team is in charge of creating technology resources for a specific non-profit they work with.

How are client team interactions conducted?

The client and the project leader communicate on a weekly basis to ensure the project’s progress. Meetings occur throughout the project engagement, beginning with at least one mandatory project scoping meeting with the project leader at the onset. A formal midpoint presentation will be given in Week 5 of the engagement, and the final recommendation will be delivered at a final presentation in Week 10.

What resources does Blueprint have to ensure success?

Our club recruits some of the most hard-working, passionate, and brightest students at UC Berkeley, just like you. Through effective leadership, frequent check-ins, and an organized project timeline set with our clients, we hope that the combination of talent, dedication, and care will result in projects that benefit the non-profits we work with.

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