Tech for Social Good

We’re a team of UC Berkeley students that develops software pro bono for nonprofits and promotes technology for social good.


About Us

Blueprint strives to make technology accessible and useful for those who create communities and promote public welfare.

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Our Projects

Each year, teams of five students work with non-profit organizations on projects to help them better serve their communities. We've designed and built a crowdfunding application for Berkeley's public schools, a professional development platform for digital literacy in Oakland, and much more!

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Berkeley Students

Applications will open for student developers at the beginning of each semester. Follow our Facebook page to stay updated!

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Nonprofit Organizations

If you’re a nonprofit organization with a project in mind, we encourage you to apply! We accept NPO applications every June. Follow our Facebook page to stay updated!

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Sponsors and Partners

Our sponsors and partners help make what we do here at Blueprint a reality. Take a moment to learn about them below!

Other Organizations

If your background isn’t a perfect fit for Blueprint, don’t worry! There are plenty of other student organizations at Berkeley that support nonprofits and social good.

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Couldn’t find what you needed? We’re easily reached via email or social media.