Veterans 360

Veterans 360 is a nonprofit organization founded in 2011 by Rick Collins. It is an organization that has had six years of active operations helping young veterans cope with transition and PTS/TBI challenges and has supported hundreds of young veterans with everything from simple financial support to complete PTS and mental health support.

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The Problem

Currently, veterans are provided hard copy resources which are easy to lose track of and they have a hard time connecting to each other and to the rest of society. Veteran organizations are not able to connect veterans early enough in order to avoid crises as they can only reach them when veterans call in for help. The more Veterans 360 grows, the more important it becomes for them to maintain a centralized digital collection of resources that veterans can come back to as well as connect veterans to each other and to helpful organizations early on in order to prevent crises.

The Solution

Blueprint is working with Veterans 360 to create a web platform that allows Veterans 360 and partnering organizations to provide resources and support to these veterans. In order to help veterans have access to this information immediately, at any time and place, Blueprint has also created a mobile application through which veterans can read these resources and connect with other veterans and organizations in their area.