People Power Solar Collective

People Power Solar Cooperative is building a movement toward expanding access to affordable residential solar power in California. To do so, they crowdsource investments from low-income communities to install solar panels on homes and then distribute any revenue generated by the solar panels back to the community as dividend. By implementing this novel community-owned revenue-sharing model, People Power is on a mission to uplift communities using the power of renewable energy.

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The Problem

People Power Solar Cooperative is leading the way to a just, community-led future with renewable energy. They provide the financial, logistical, and legal backbone for communities to organize and invest in community solar. Facilitating this process and providing transparency into the cooperative for all invested owners is difficult to manage and does not scale well.

The Solution

Blueprint developed a platform that lets people sign on and begin investing in the cooperative. Owners of the cooperative can use it to track their investments, keep up to date with news, and see their impact. This will help PPSC scale quickly and help support more communities!